Sicomin, founded in 1946 , was headed by Charles Marcovich after a distinguished career in the Free French Forces.

The name Sicomin is a contraction of Société International for COMmerce and INdustry.

The company is dedicated to the distribution in France of fatty acids representing Unilever plants until the 1980's.

Philippe Marcovich, the current president, with a passion for sailing and new materials, opened within Sicomin, in 1983 a composite materials department.

The success of this new department lead to the set up of a plant and a laboratory in Châteauneuf-les-Martigues (near Marseille in 1985, with Sicomin becoming a recognized formulator and supplier of epoxy resins and composite materials.

In 2007, Sicomin expanded its plant, while its other site in western France grows to best service its customers throughout the Atlantic coast.

In 2014, Sicomin is investing in a new construction which will total 7000m2 of facilities in order to increase its production capacity to best pursue its developments in France and worldwide.

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