SICOMIN and c.H-D Art Production collaborate to produce the ‘Civic Mimic’ composite dance floor

Architect: R&Sie (Francois Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux et Kiuchi Toshikatsu)
Prototyping workshop: c.H-D Art Production (Christian Hubert-Delisle)

Sicomin, a leading global formulator and manufacturer of high performance epoxy resins, has recently worked with c.H-D Art Production in the manufacture of a composite stage to be used for performing arts productions. c.H-D specialises in the design and construction of architectural structures and large scale artpieces. The dance floor measures an impressive 30 metres long, by 6metres wide and stands at a height of 190 cm.

The objective was to produce a robust, lightweight, fire retardant structure that was aesthetically pleasing, whilst adhering to a very specific artistic design. Sicomin provided a full structural analysis of the dance floor and also supplied a complete materials specification for the laminating production process.

Due to the dance floor being positioned in very public locations, the use of a high grade fire retardant composite was essential. Sicomin recommend SR 1500i, part of the market leading range of fire retardant systems recently accredited with the ASTM E-84 Class A standard for the Civil Engineering industry and the FAR25-853 Standard and Heat Release Rate for the Aerospace industry.

SR 1500i is a modified resin specially formulated to be low toxicity and crystallization free. It demonstrates very good wet-out and deglazing properties and has excellent adhesion to all types of reinforcements. For the production of the stage’s surface, Sicomin specified and supplied c.H-D with a multiaxial glass fibre to be used in combination with SR 1500i. This flooring was then supported by steel pillars and secured to composite blocks positioned on the ground.

A series of mechanical tests were conducted during the prototyping phase including Tensile and Flexion analysis to ensure these products produced the best results and overall performance.

The Civic Mimic was constructed over a period of 4 weeks and has since been transported to various locations around Europe and installed at the Theatre National de Chaillot in France followed by the Muffatwerk and Tafelhalle in Germany.

“Throughout the project, Sicomin delivered a complete service and supplied technical solutions to all our design challenges. From the analysis of the structure, to the selection of the raw materials, the advice and products they supplied were second to none”, remarked Christian Hubert-Delisle AT, c.H-D, General Manager.


Civic Mimic Ground Level Image

Civic Mimic Aerial View



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