Bamboo is not a tree, it is part of the grass family. It is an excellent renewable plant, it only takes 7 years to grow a bamboo forest. 25% of bamboo can be harvested without harming the rest of the forest. A bamboo shoot can be harvested after three years. When bamboo is cut down it allows other bamboo to grow. The cultivation of bamboo doesn’t need fertilizers or

It is mainly a giant fast growing species (up to 1m per day) which are used for technical purposes. For millenniums, bamboo has been a major part of Asian culture where it is used for:

• Edible plant
• Medicinal plant
• Building materials
• Scaffolding
• Pulp paper
• Utensils, tools
• Charcoal

Bamboo is a natural composite, its’ cellulose fibres oriented, as a unidirectional, are coated with a resin: lignin. It possesses a great strength and hardness given by the silica that it contains.

To produce veneers 0,6mm and slices 3 and 5mm, the bamboo shoot is cut into strips lengthwise (sense of the fiber). These strips are then stuck flat for the horizontal grades or on the wafer for a horizontal grade, until a block is formed. This block is then cut to the chosen thickness. The grade ‘caramel’ is obtained by a thermic treatment.

Horizontal Caramel

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Bamboo Veneer Horizontal Caramel

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Horizontal Naturel

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Bamboo Veneer Horizontal Naturel

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Vertical Caramel

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Bamboo Veneer Vertical Caramel

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Vertical Naturel

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Bamboo Veneer Vertical Naturel.

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Bamboo Technical Datasheet

Dimension: 2500 mm x 430 mm

Thickness: 0.6 mm

Density: 700kg/m³

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