Industrial Polyurethane foam that can be formed at room temperature

Closed cell polymer foam created to withstand the requirements for high volume sandwich production. The surfaces consist of thermoplastic polyester fiber which reduces the consumption of resin and its perforation ensures a good adhesion to laminate. This material has a good resistance to elongation as well as an excellent adhesion which ensures a good resistance to impacts and fatigue. This foam can be formed at room temperature in 2D and can be thermoformed in 3D for more complicated parts. A high resistance to temperature allows a short production cycle like with reinforced thermoplastics (T.R.E). It is the core material for the mass-produced lightweight sandwich structures subjected to both static and dynamic loads.


Product Description


Comparitive Chart - Core Materials - PU Foam

 Apparent nominal density (Kg/m3) ISO 845Compr.strength pendicular/sheet (MPa) ISO 84Compr.modulus pendicular/sheet (MPa) DIN 534Tensile strength in the plane (MPa)) DIN 53455Shear strength(MPa) ISO 1922Shear modulus(MPa) ASTM C393Shearing at break(%) ISO 1922
C 51.60 KAPEX600.45250.550.455.030

AIREX® C51 is a closed-cell polymer foam with outstanding damage tolerance and formability. Its excellent price / performance ratio uniquely qualifies this core material for high-volume sandwich production.

The foam has a high elongation at break and shows good impact properties. It can be formed at room temperature to simple shapes as well as thermoformed to complex 3-dimensional parts. The perforation of AIREX® C51’s surface ensures a good adhesion to the laminate.

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