Sicomin is the original formulator of a range of expanding foaming epoxy systems that have been developed specifically for the manufacture of strong, high quality structural cores and also used for the bonding of laminate skins made of epoxy, polyester or vinylester resins.

Foaming epoxies are used for core parts where rigid foam or honeycomb core are not well suited. Parts with complex geometry can be produced with Sicomin’s foam without the time and expense of CNC machining rigid cores which accumulates large amounts of waste.

With over 30 years experience of formulating and processing foaming epoxies for industrial, marine and aerospace applications, Sicomin now boasts one of the largest portfolios of multiple density systems on the market.

Sicomin’s expanding epoxy foams and hardeners can be tailored to match the customer’s production environment and part specification. This ensures a low pressure controlled expansion of the foam, allowing customers to use moulds with less support structure, and to tailor the system to the size of the mould, ensuring very high quality finished parts.

Using Sicomin’s systems, it is also possible to use 2K mixing machines for accurate repetitive processing and large series production programmes.


PB 170, PB 250, PB 400 & PB 600 / DM 0x

Closed cell foam production epoxy systems from 170 to 600 kg / m³.


PB 250 / SD 560x

Resilient ambiant curing epoxy foam


PB 270 i, PB 370 i & PB 570 i / DM 0x

Self extinguishing 2 component epoxy foaming system


Foaming Epoxy Systems Product Handout

Foaming Epoxies Product Handout


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