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Sport & Leisure

The main areas of development are weight reduction, performance enhancement and reducing the environmental impact of equipment production.

Building and civil engineering

Composite materials are the answer to the technical challenges encountered when developing new architectural designs. Thanks to their exceptional properties they are pushing back the limits of conventional building.


We supply builders of commercial, military and superyacht vessels requiring robust, reliable materials. Our customers demand the highest quality products to meet their requirements and enable their exceptional constructions.


For passenger safety, materials must meet very strict specifications, particularly with regard to fire performance and levels of smoke generation and toxicity.

Art & Decoration

Sicomin develops and manufactures high-end transparent colorless resins for decoration and DIY activities.


Sicomin provides innovative, tailor-made formulations.Our expertise and knowledge of epoxy resins guarantee you an optimum solution with a personalised response.

Find your epoxy resin


Today Sicomin has one of the most varied ranges of epoxy systems and advanced composite materials on the market


Sicomin has developed a range of epoxy systems known for specific manufacturing procedures and production environments


Sicomin supplies a wide range of markets, but is also able to meet the specific needs of its customers in other sectors.

Sicomin Worldwide

Sicomin has established a highly effective distribution network across the globe.


GreenPoxy by Sicomin is our latest innovation in bio-based chemistry.


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