Specific products

From the outset, Sicomin has always paid particular attention to the specific requirements of its customers, formulating epoxy systems specifically tailored to their specifications. This constant search for adaptation has led to the development of a number of special epoxy systems, such as resins that can polymerise. underwater, resins offering elongation in excess of 100%, solvent-free prepreg systems with impregnation of reinforcements at room temperature, adhesives for fixing and preforming reinforcements. Don’t hesitate to ask our formulation laboratory to help you imagine the systems of tomorrow.

Epoxy resins


Epoxy fixative

Epoxy spray fixative formulated for dry draping, fixing, positioning and preforming of fabrics (carbon, aramid, flax etc…).

Waterbond sr 1900

Aqueous multi-purpose

SR 1900 is a versatile waterborne epoxy system for impregnating porous materials such as wood, LAB, concrete, cement, plaster, terracotta…

SR 632


Intended for emergency repairs in difficult operating conditions, SR 632 will cure on wet substrates and underwater.

SR 434

Epoxy paint

SR 434 system is a 100% solids, two-component, filled epoxy coating for all types of substrates.


UV protection

Transparent coating with very high UV resistance, ideal for exposed carbon parts, it can also be used as a finishing varnish.


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