Epoxy for Wood

Epoxy resins first appeared in the 20th century. The first experimental aeronautical applications took place in the 1950s and were rapidly transposed to shipbuilding in 1970.

The use of epoxy resin significantly improved the properties of the parts manufactured compared with older techniques commonly used at the time. The main materials used were solid sawn timber, which could sometimes be steam-bent, and hulls were typically made of planking or clapboard and assembled using nails or rivets. Bonding was based on urea-formaldehyde glues, resorcinol or polyester resins. The waterproofing provided by caulking was generated by the swelling of the wood, which was deliberately exposed to humidity. Unfortunately, this humidity had a severe impact on the mechanical properties of the wood, and the development of bacteria also limited the life of the boats.

Traditional shipbuilding was profoundly changed by the advent of high-performance thermosetting resins such as epoxies as impregnating the wood with diluted resins made it possible to insulate the wood from humidity. Optimum control of the wood’s moisture content ensures that it retains its excellent mechanical properties. Strip-planking, moulded wood and epoxy plywood techniques have been developed. The quality and ease of gluing have made it possible to manufacture extremely strong glue laminated structures and joints. The densities of the timber used have been reduced, and the use of laminates not only improves watertightness, but also increases puncture resistance and overall rigidity. Laminated wood can therefore be considered as a core material.

Sicomin has become a key player in the formulation of epoxy systems dedicated to wood. We offer versatile systems for your different process steps during production. The use of specifically formulated diluents and technical fillers enables excellent impregnation and enables the production of high quality glues and coatings. During the development of the product range, particular attention has been paid to the wettability of our systems to facilitate the lamination process in production.

Epoxy resins

SR 5550

SR 5550 is a “multi-functional” epoxy resin that is particularly suitable for wood applications in shipbuilding, traditional carpentry, model making or marquetry.

SR 8450

SR 8450 is a multi-functional epoxy resin particularly suitable for wood and shipbuilding applications that has been specifically formulated for application in hot and/or humid tropical environments.


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