Sicomin offers a highly innovative solution for UV protection of carbon parts. Top Clear system is a fast-curing, two-component clear coating suitable for large-scale production of small and medium-sized parts. Highly filling product that quickly covers the pores often found in carbon. Suitable for use with conventional or robotized painting equipment, Top Clear can also be applied by hand for small surfaces and touch-ups.

Epoxy resins

SR 434

SR 434 system is a 100% solids, two-component, filled epoxy coating for all types of substrates.

Waterbond sr 1900

SR 1900 is a versatile waterborne epoxy system for impregnating porous materials such as wood, LAB, concrete, cement, plaster, terracotta…


Transparent coating with very high UV resistance, ideal for exposed carbon parts, it can also be used as a finishing varnish.

SG 715

SG 715 is a gel-coat epoxy for brush and spray applications.


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