Aqueous phase wax

Initiated by the aeronautics industry, a forerunner in terms of HSE risks, water-based release agents are becoming increasingly widespread. The significant improvement in operators’ application conditions is now an essential parameter. Water-based release cycles can also be used to solve your industrial problems.

Cirex Si Bouchpor W1

Aqueous pore filler.
Usable with CIREX Si 40 WB and Si 041 WB.
Hold at 420°C.

Liters: 1 & 5

Cirex Si 039 WB

Aqueous release agent for epoxy, vinylester and polyester.
Low risk of self-release and refusal.
Compatible on lacquered support like PU or solvented PE.
Polishing easier than Cirex Si 041 WB.
On porous substrate use the Cirex Si Bouchpor W1.
Withstands 400°C.

Liters: 1 & 5

Cirex Si 041 WB

Aqueous release agent for epoxy, PEEK, PEI, vinylester, polyester,
elastomers and PU foam.
If necessary can be used with CIREX Si Bouchpor W1.
Hold at 420 °C.

Liters : 0,5, 1 & 5

Cirex Si 73

Water-phased mold release agent specially formulated for demandrining.
Allows the polyester, the epoxy and the vinylester to be release from the mold.
Hold at 200°C

Liters : 5

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