BALTEK® SB is a core material produced from select kiln dried balsa wood and configured in the end grain configuration. It is extremely strong and rigid for its weight, and bonds well with all types of resins and adhesives. Balsa is compatible with a wide variety of manufacturing processes and resins that are resistant to temperature variations, fire exposure, chemicals and styrene.

Baltek SB100 CK

Balsa assembled on fibreglass.
Easy to apply on 3D moulds.
Hard grain wood.

Treatment option possible for Balsa products


Surface treatment by resin coating (AL600) to
reduce bubbles and improve bonding.


Checkerboard of 25x50mm with 0.2mm groove (Knife cut)
with fabric support


High precision cut +/- 0,25mm

ContourKore (CK)

– 25 x 50mm bloc pattern
(50 x 50mm if sheet is ≥50mm)
– kerf width approx. 0.2mm (knife cut)
– glass fiber cloth on bottom side of sheet
– blocs are cut almost down to cloth

Complementary products


Sicomin supplies composite materials for a wide range of applications in different sectors worldwide.


SICOMIN has been involved for several decades in the development and optimization of woven and multi-axial reinforcements based on glass, carbon and aramid fibers, or natural fibers such as flax.

Vacuum equipment

Sicomin offers a complete range of products specially designed to meet your vacuum bagging needs.


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