Vacuum trap 5L

Designed to protect the pump and for degassing resin.
Inside diameter : 170 mm
Height : 190 mm
Sold as a single unit.

G 1/4” Vacuum gauge

1200 à 0,0 mbar
by the unit

Quick connector

3/8″ internal diameter 10 mm
by the unit

Self-adhesive PTFE coated fabrics



This product is a self-adhesive lightweight fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE that can be used to surface plugs or moulds allowing easy release of the component without release agent.


Can be applied to porous and imperfect substrates for component release.
High tear resistance.
Excellent release properties.
Provides a matt finish after demoulding.
Self-adhesive layer is protected by the yellow embossed film.

Complementary products


Sicomin supplies composite materials for a wide range of applications in different sectors worldwide.


SICOMIN has been involved for several decades in the development and optimization of woven and multi-axial reinforcements based on glass, carbon and aramid fibers, or natural fibers such as flax.

Structural foams

Closed cell thermoplastic foam, perfectly adapted for use with all resins and sandwich construction processes.


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