Peel ply fabrics



Peel ply fabric is a standard nylon fabric designed for composite applications with epoxy, vinylester and polyester resins. It separates the lamination from the vacuum consumables and provides a rough, unpolluted surface when removed after curing.


Delivers a good surface for secondary operations such as bonding or painting
Easily removable.
Flexible product, drapes to fit curved surfaces.
Excellent elongation for complex shaped parts.

Complementary products


Sicomin supplies composite materials for a wide range of applications in different sectors worldwide.


SICOMIN has been involved for several decades in the development and optimization of woven and multi-axial reinforcements based on glass, carbon and aramid fibers, or natural fibers such as flax.

Structural foams

Closed cell thermoplastic foam, perfectly adapted for use with all resins and sandwich construction processes.


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