Solid paste wax

Paste waxes have traditionally been used in the composites industry. Versatile, they allow visual inspection of the treated areas.

FK 1000 P / FK89

Pasty wax for high temperature, for polyester, vinylester and epoxy. High gloss.
Hold at 200°C

Liters : 0.4

Cirex Si 111

Molding agent in the form of the thixotropic paste.
Ideal for rapid modeling on technical ranges, RTM tooling or any porous support.

Liters : 5

Complementary products


Sicomin supplies composite materials for a wide range of applications in different sectors worldwide.


SICOMIN has been involved for several decades in the development and optimization of woven and multi-axial reinforcements based on glass, carbon and aramid fibers, or natural fibers such as flax.

Vacuum equipment

Sicomin offers a complete range of products specially designed to meet your vacuum bagging needs.


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