Salomon creates its range of HIGHPATH snowboard using Greenpoxy 28

19 June 2023

The new range of HIGHPATH Snowboards are the most sustainable in Salomon’s history and set a new benchmark for eco-friendly production.

Sicomin proudly announces its collaboration with Salomon, the outdoor sports equipment manufacturer, to develop the most sustainable snowboard in Salomon’s history. The revolutionary Salomon HIGHPATH is made using Sicomin’s cutting-edge bio-based GreenPoxy® 28 epoxy resin enabling a high performance board that sets a new benchmark for eco-friendly snowboard production.

Driven by a high level commitment to sustainability, Salomon has consistently sought innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of its products. For its new range of HIGHPATH snowboards, Salomon has selected a unique package of bio-based and recycled materials including: GreenPoxy 28 resin with 28% of its carbon content derived from plant sources; an FSC certified core; bamboo veneers; a castor bean topsheet, as well as 50% recycled content in the base and 20% recycled aluminium in the edges.

Sicomin’s market leading range of GreenPoxy resins featuring carbon content derived from renewable resources, provides a viable alternative to traditional petroleum-based resins. These bio-based epoxy resins significantly lower the carbon footprint associated with snowboard production and offer exceptional mechanical properties, ensuring high-performance boards for riders of all skill levels. The use of bio-based epoxy resins underscores Salomon’s dedication to creating products that deliver exceptional performance while minimizing their ecological impact. As a result, GreenPoxy resins can also be found in Salomon’s Assasin and Assasin Pro, Huck Knife and Huck Knife Pro, Rumble Fish, Abstract, Rumble, Super 8, Bellevue, Wonder and Dancehaul Pro boards, in addition to the new HIGHPATH range.

« The HIGHPATH is a culmination of our efforts to design a high-performance, all-mountain snowboard that paves the way for a more sustainable ride,” said Thierry Marion, Product Manager, Salomon. “Sicomin’s GreenPoxy resins have helped us create our most sustainable all-terrain board without compromising on quality or rideability. »

« We are thrilled to collaborate with Salomon on the HIGHPATH range of boards and are proud to be a part of their most sustainable snowboards to date,” comments Matthieu Chaloin, Export Sales Technician, Sicomin. “Our bio-based epoxy resins enable the production of high-performance, environmentally friendly snowboards that resonate with today’s eco-conscious consumers. This collaboration is a testament to our ongoing commitment to sustainable innovation and our shared vision for a more sustainable future. »

Salomon’s most sustainable snowboard, the HIGHPATH, is available now for snowboarders worldwide.